Here’s a screenshot of the site mod acting like a complete tool! She’s defending Noa RIGHT on her own page BASED ON THE FACT THAT HE ACTS NICE TO PEOPLE’S FACES.


Here’s just one part of Noa guilt-tripping me after he found out that I outed him.

Kyuu wants me to provide screenshots because:

1) She knows I’ve moved back to Ohio and laptops and lack the main.db needed to get the rest of the archives.

2) She knows some of the archives are also on MSPARP, and that MSPARP is moving servers, and thus deleting logs.

3) She has a crush on (or claims to be in love with) Noa.

Here’s what I predict she’ll do:

1) Delete her posts both on GP and Tumblr.

2) Delete any logs she has.

3) Claim that Skype logs etc. can be faked.

The best part about what Kyuu said is that she and Noa deleted someone from Skype last night because they refused to take sides.

Should I keep going? I’m sure I can. I’ll do anything in my power to find the rest of those archives. If she wants proof, she’ll get it.

dragon dildo dollar



im so happy i signed up to this dragon site, i love breeding and buying dragons, i like the games and the coliseum, i love baddragon.com


this is the last fucking time i’m ever going to talk about him. ever. on here, irl, anywhere, because he’s dead to me.

i have skype logs to prove this shit. everything else happened in calls. go fuck yourself if you don’t believe me.

yeah, you fucking believe him now. you’re mad at me. you’re pissed.

but you know what? i was pissed too. i was right where you pieces of shit are at.

i didn’t believe mikey. i didn’t believe any of noa’s victims.


and the same thing’s gonna happen to you. you’re gonna worship the ground he walks on. you’re gonna think he’s god’s gift to earth. you’re gonna be stupid enough to trust him and give him everything.

and then you know what he’s gonna do?

subtly, at first, he’s gonna start being passive-aggressive.

he’s gonna start turning it and twisting it and stabbing you in the fucking back with a knife.

god help you if you forgive easily.

you’ve all been fucking warned about this guy. if you continue to fucking trust him after everything’s said and done, it’s your own goddamn fault. he’s manipulative. he’ll try to seem innocent. and he’ll try to get everyone on his side with all the power he has.

abusers are fucking sick. and he’s sick too.

ryanguldemond replied to your post: drawing is for shitty assholes and any…

1 day i hope 2 be able to place the ‘really’ onto my shitty asshole badge i cant wait to level up

ssame, shudder laugh


I DOODLED MY DRAGONS AS HUMANS HEHEHE click on each image 2 see their respective captions….

drawing is for shitty assholes and anyone who goes to school for drawing is a really shitty asshole

is it ok to use your art as icons on tumblr/twitter ?? i will credit you and stuff but i just wanted to ask first!!

oh yes definitely!!! u can use my art for whatever as long as u credit >:3c